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Traffic Generation
Once you know who your audience is, you need to know where they are and how to get them to your offer.

Traffic Generation

If the secret to successful retail establishments is Location, Location and Location…then for Internet marketing it is: Traffic, Traffic and Traffic.

While each expert seems to have his or her own angle on how this marketing thing works, one thing we know for sure that is true for all of them…each, at some point in their success journey discovered HOW TO GET TRAFFIC TO A WEB SITE.

If there are no other common denominators among the gurus, we DO know that this is one of them:  without TRAFFIC, we would never have heard of any of these success stories.

There are several ways to get traffic to a website.

Some take time; some take money; some are free; some are expensive.  Some produce more traffic than others. Some produce traffic quickly – some over time.

So what is the best method?  There really isn’t ONE best method. The best way to get traffic is to use as many methods as you are capable of using. If you have money to invest in traffic generation – spend it wisely. If you have time to invest – use it wisely.


The best way for the student of traffic generation to get the most from the methods is to study all of them and consider each one from the angle and opinions of other users.

There is a multitude of traffic generating methods every Internet Entrepreneur should be aware of and be using all the time.  But it is perhaps just as important to know that new methods rise up all the time and that keeping up with those changes is equally important as utilizing the existing methods of getting people to your website.

Among the methods you will discover, you may find a few that scare you - maybe they sound too technical or complicated.  But in almost every case, they are not.

For example, learning how to continually create good content and use that content for generating traffic can be a powerful method.  But if you have never created a blog-style website – that may concern you.

That's one of the advantages of using a web design platform like WordPress. If you have a web hosting account with cPanel, your host probably has an easy way for you to install WordPress with a point-and-click interface that is as easy as filling in some blanks and clicking a button. But if you didn’t know that – the idea of “creating something technical” could be intimidating.  If you are using KloudWire for your hosting, it's super-easy and they will even install it for you.  And if you are using KloudPress, , you'll have it made as that creates a drag-and-drop interface for working with WordPress.


So don’t let the idea of traffic put you off – study it – try several methods.  Be patient with the ones that require more time than money and be consistent with the ones that require maintenance.

Getting Traffic

Social Media Blueprint

27 ways to use social media to grow your online audience and fan base.

Much of traffic generation has to do with keeping your website search-engine-friendly.  Those are the techniques that help you optimize any website or page so that your search engine ranking can be as high as possible.

Also, one of the most important methods in traffic generation is getting OTHER people to create your traffic for you.  Some of the strongest methods are the ones that involve ways to make your TRAFFIC generate TRAFFIC for you.

You will find some traffic generation techniques less important to you – but others that are imperative to learn how to use.

Generating traffic is something you should always be doing. You should always be trying new methods and refining the ones you normally use.

Once you have your tools in place, getting traffic to your site is really the first step in creating a successful business.



Greg Hughes started marketing on the Internet in February of 1996 and has been making a living online since 2001. He has helped tens of thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs create their online presence and assisted them in setting up successful ventures on the web. Some of his clients are the now famous "gurus" you see making tens of thousands of dollars in monthly revenue online.

His expertise in the technical side of Internet Marketing comes from nearly two decades in the web hosting and web design software industry through KloudWire

In 2009, Greg authored the book The Snowball Factor and has subsequently created countless resources, articles, video training courses including the Fanbase Blueprint, The 5 Step Marketing System, Best Kept Secrets of SEO, How to Zero In On A Hungry Audience, How to Create and Sell Digital Products Online and Social Media Blueprint. As the founder of DotComClassroom, Greg provides the resources and training for assisting Internet entrepreneurs with training for creating successful businesses online.

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