What is a Parked and Pointed Domain?

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Parked domains are registered and owned, but not currently being used to host a website. They are usually pointed to either a temporary page or to an existing hosted website that has a similar domain name.

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Parked and Pointed Domains

A parked domain name is a domain that is registered but not in currently being used to store a website. When someone visits a parked domain in a browser, it is configured to point or redirect to a different website or a landing page. Parked domain names are often used as placeholders for future development. They can also be used as a method for monetizing the domain without actually developing a website on it.  

Since a parked domain can be pointed, it can land on a site with ads, information with links or any other already developed website it may be pointed to.

Why Park and Point a Domain?

There are a few reasons why a domain name might be parked. One reason is to hold onto a domain name that the owner believes has value or potential value. This could be a domain name that is related to a popular keyword or brand, or a domain name that has a memorable or catchy phrase. By parking the domain, the owner can prevent someone else from registering it and potentially using it for their own purposes.

Often, a parked domain is a varaiation of another domain that is being used for a hosted and developed website.

For example, if the domain trapdoormagic.com is being used for the developed and hosted site, the owner of that website may also want to register, park and point trapdoormagic.info to the main .com website.

It doesn't cost anything to park and point a domain, and your web host should offer to do so as a free service as it uses virtually no server resources, space or bandwidth.

Another reason to park a domain name is to generate revenue through advertising. When a user clicks on a parked domain, they are often redirected to a landing page containing ads. The owner of the parked domain can earn money through pay-per-click advertising or by selling ad space on the landing page. This can be a simple way to monetize a domain name without having to invest the time and resources into developing a full website.

There are also cases where a domain name is parked while a website is being developed. This allows the owner to reserve the domain and ensure that it is not taken by someone else while they are working on building their website. It also allows them to begin generating revenue through advertising while they are still in the process of building their site.

The Downside of Parked Domains

While parked domain names can be a useful tool for domain owners, they can also be a source of frustration for users. When users click on a parked domain, they may be expecting to find a specific website or content, only to be redirected to a landing page filled with ads. 

There are also concerns about the use of parked domain names for spam and phishing scams. Some domain owners may register a large number of parked domains and use them to redirect users to fraudulent or malicious websites with very similar names. This can be a risk for users who accidentally click on a parked domain that is being used for these purposes.

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