How to Humanize Your AI Content

Using Artificial Intelligence to Generate Content is Fast, Cheap and Easy...But Be Careful!

Here's the Big Idea in a Nutshell

Search engines don't like AI generated content. Unless you find a way to transform your AI content into something more human-generated, your search rankings could get punished.

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    I Confess!  This Article Was Written by a Robot

    The problem with AI content is that Google hates it. And Google can find it because Google has smart, magical algorithms that can never seemed to be fooled - not for very long, anyway.

    So if you want to use AI content (and we all do), then you need to know how to fix it; how to make it into what Google wants to find. Google wants human-written stuff, like the paragraphs I'm writing right now.

    So, I am going to show you how to get the best of both worlds.

    The article below is about humanizing AI-generated content …and was generated by AI.  I know. I'm a hypocrite.

    But stay with me - I'm doing this to make a point.

    Here's how the article ranked using the text analyzer BEFORE I humanized this article:


    I Fixed It

    After generating the article and checking it at the analyzer, I pasted the original text into, where I had rytr's AI REPHRASE the chatbot GPT AI content.

    In, you can rephrase up to 300 characters at time - so I did it in chunks of paragraphs re-analyzing it at in sections.

    Here's the new score:


    I Still Hadn't Done Any Editing

    To be fair, all I did was have AI generate content from Chatbot GPT ( Then I analyzed that text at  Then I had REPHRASE it.

    That's all I did to get a humanized score of 100%

    Here's the weird part...I haven't edited the copy yet. In fact, I haven't even read this article yet!  So there's been no real human intervention, yet I'm at 100%.

    That's crazy. But it speaks well of and its ability to rephrase in human-like context.

    So my next step is to go in and clean it up, fix a few typos, take out some redundancies and maybe do some rephrasing of my own, just because I do have an opinion or two I can add.

    I will also write my own headings from scratch...C'mon, I have to do SOMETHING here.

    The end result is what you now see below.

    Here's where the 100% "human" AI article begins...

    How to Humanize Your AI Content

    AI has come a long way in recent years, especially with its Natural Language Processing capabilities (whatever that means). You can now find AI-generated content all over the place; in journalism, marketing, blogging, website copy or customer service interactions.

    But despite its remarkable advancements, AI-generated text is often criticized for being impersonal and lacking in human touch.  Which makes sense.  It’s not human.

    In this article, we'll talk about how to make AI-generated content more enjoyable and relatable as if it were created by a human being.


    Let's Get Emotional

    A good start is to recognize how to add emotion and personality to your text.

    Emotions are an important part of our conversations and they can help us connect with the reader. When editing AI text, it's wise to take into consideration the tone and sentiment of the content.  What feeling do you want to convey?

    Creating an emotional connection with readers will further enhance the experience.  Give your AI text a unique writing style, tone and voice to help bring out its personality.

    Add as much anecdotal content as you can. Stories about your personal experience and your feelings can't be easily generated by a robot.

    Make Some Conversation

    Writing in a conversational tone makes the content sound more like an actual conversation between two people, which makes it easier to connect with and understand. This way of writing is especially useful in customer service setting where AI chatbots can be used to answer questions.

    Have a Laugh

    Humor is an amazing code to understand human communication, and it can also be used with AI generated text. It helps set a lighter vibe, makes conversations more relaxing and helps establish a personal connection with the readers.

    But it's essential to keep in mind that humor isn't universal and can vary from culture to culture, so you need to be aware of who your readers are if you're using AI for creating humorous content.


    Use an Active Voice

    Active voice in AI written content makes it more interactive and personal. Add a lively, dynamic feeling that'll keep your readers interested and engaged.

    On the flipside, a passive voice usually comes across as too formal and distant which can make AI-generated content sound almost robotic.

    Don't Speak Geek

    AI-based content can seem really daunting if it contains too many technical terms. Make it more user-friendly by avoiding tech jargon as much as possible. Instead, explain the information in such a way that people can easily understand.

    Get Personal

    To make AI generated content more relatable, you can personalize it by using the reader's name, talking to them directly, and including information about their likes/dislikes and interests.

    Take customer service for example; AI chatbots use customer information to create personalized conversations. This helps customers feel heard and understood and the experience more enjoyable.

    Use Visuals

    AI-generated content is even better when visuals are added to it – images, videos and graphics, to be precise. This not only makes it more engaging but also easier for readers to understand.

    Adding visuals makes the content more multi-sensory and engaging, while also demonstrating the brand's character and style.

    If you're including visuals in your AI-generated content, make sure they're in line with what your target audience likes.  It needs to match the style and tone of the overall piece.



    Spicing up AI content with emotion, humor, personalization and visuals makes it more engaging and relatable. Using a casual tone and active voice helps create text that reads like it was written by an actual human instead of a machine. Plus, avoiding jargon makes sure everybody understands it.

    AI-generated content can help you build better relationships with your audience. This is really helpful for businesses/organizations that want to have a successful interaction and communication with their target market.

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