How to Zero In on a Hungry Audience

You can't sell to everyone - But you can sell a lot of stuff to the right crowd.

Let me show you how to know WHAT is selling online, WHO is looking for your product or service and WHERE to find them.

How to Zero In on an Hungry Audience

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You can’t be successful in any business unless there is an audience who wants what you are offering.  And that won’t do you any good unless you can find them and get their attention.

I’m not talking about just any audience. It needs to be the right one.  In marketing terms, we call that a Target Audience.

The more targeted your audience is – the smaller it can be.  Because, while the size of your audience is going to matter, the quality of that group is going to be exponentially more important.

In fact, who you market to is sometimes more important than your product or offer. Intelligent market research is the critical,  yet often overlooked and essential process to being successful online.

This course breaks it down in simple steps and gives you the nuts and bolts of finding online trends and doing market research.

You'll have the tools you need to know what is hot and what sells online today.

Here's Some of What You'll Learn

Hot and Hungry

How to find an audience that is desperate, passionate and emotional about finding a solution to their problems and  you can be that solution.

The Big Three

There are only 3 major niches that make the most money online ...and you need to know how and if your product or service falls under one of these highly profitable categories.

Got Something to Sell?

If you are currently trying to sell something...or if you are looking for the right product to sell - you need this information before you do anything else.

Online Research Tools

There are dozens of tools online that will basically tell you what is hot and selling right now - and hand that valuable information to you on a silver platter.

How to Exploit Facebook

There are millions Facebook users who have agreed share their personal data. This multi-billion dollar database is a goldmine of market research for anyone who knows how to use it.

The 30 Websites

This course reveals the 30 websites you can access for free that shows you the hottest, coolest and best selling products and trends online...up to the minute.

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Greg Hughes started experimenting with marketing on the Internet in February of 1996 and has been making a living online since 2001. Greg has helped tens of thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs create their online presence and assisted them in setting up successful ventures on the web. Some of his clients are the now famous "gurus" you see making tens of thousands of dollars in monthly revenue online.

His expertise in the technical side of Internet Marketing comes from nearly two decades in the web hosting and web design software industry. In 2009, Greg authored the book The Snowball Factor and has subsequently created countless resources, articles, video training courses including the 5 Step Marketing System, Best Kept Secrets of SEO, How to Zero In On A Hungry Audience, The Fanbase Blueprint and Social Media Blueprint. As the founder of DotComClassroom, Greg provides the resources and training for assisting Internet entrepreneurs with training for creating successful businesses online.


Find out what is selling online, who is buying it and where they are.