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Greg Hughes

Hi! My name is Greg Hughes and I've been doing business online since 1996.  

For more than two decades, I've been involved with just about everything you can think of that has to do with making a living on the Internet. 

I've built websites, started my own web hosting company, written countless marketing books, spoken to crowds of attendees at live conferences, sold both physical and digital goods; ran a web design software company, programmed web apps and produced hundreds of videos.  I even ran a manufacturing company that sold toys on Amazon. In fact, I've worked hand-in-hand with famous millionaire marketing "gurus" you would know if I dropped their names here.

Yet, with all that experience in Internet Marketing, my favorite thing to do is something that may surprise you. Something very simple. Something  that almost anyone can do to generate income online:

I Set up Simple Websites that Help People


Because it is both rewarding AND profitable.

I can do the same for you.

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How Money is ACTUALLY  Made Online

Most people probably think that the way to start and run a successful business is to find, invent or develop some kind of new  product or service - and then sell that offer to people by promoting it as many ways as they can afford.

That seems logical, but it’s not really the best business plan – especially in this age of socially-driven technology.

The truth is that most of the money made online does not work that way.

While doing business is always about money exchanging hands at some point, there are better ways to do it than that.

Many people doing business online right now actually don’t have a product to sell at all – yet they often build multi-million dollar enterprises. 

They do it by using something I call: The AMP System


What is the AMP System?

The AMP System is a training that is about building a following of people that want to know what you have to say…and who like and need the information you give them.  You do that by setting up a website (or blog) that provides helpful information on a specific topic. 

Once you have that, you will have created one of the most profitable business assets the average person can create merely from a laptop or computer.

Can You Make Money Posting Information Online?

The short answer to that question is a resounding: YES!  

Of course, there are other ways to do business on the Internet. You can get involved with ecommerce, sell stuff on Amazon, or eBay. You could set up a Shopify or Etsy store and sell physical products that you ship to your customers.

You could do what’s called print-on-demand (POD) by designing and selling T-shirts, jewelry, and mugs. Or you could dropship stuff from China.


Or maybe you like selling to local businesses or making cold calls to offer marketing services like search engine optimization, web design or running Facebook ads and social media posts for business owners in your town.  It’s very popular these days to set up a digital or web marketing agency and sell those kinds of services.

That’s great - if that’s your thing.

That’s not my thing.


While I have done most of those things during my 25+ years of Internet Marketing, they usually just turn out to be a lot more work and turn into just another 12-hours-a-day job to me - rather than a business I really enjoy being in.


I find it much easier to generate income when I GIVE information away to people for free, that helps them solve a problem. I simply show them how to do things that I can explain in simple terms.  

I like helping people because it’s both rewarding and lucrative.


The Things I Don't Like to Do...

  • Buy and/or Stock Inventory
  • Ship Products
  • Rent Warehouse/Office Space
  • Wait Months for Shipments From China
  • Handle Refunds and Customer Complaints
  • Make Cold Calls to Businesses
  • Limit My Business to My Local Area
  • Be A Salesman
  • Purchase Leads
  • Recruit Prospects
  • Be Vulnerable to Big Platforms Like Amazon or Etsy
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The Things I Love To Do...

  • Provide Helpful Information to People Who Need It
  • Refer the People in My Audience to Helpful Services That I Like to Use
  • Earn Residual Referral Commissions From Multiple Income Streams 
  • Write and Talk About Topics I'm Passionate About
  • Do Business with the Whole Planet Without Being a Salesman
  • Work From Home (or Wherever I Want)
  • Run My Entire Business on a Laptop or iPad
  • Be Independent Rather Than Rely on One Company for Revenue

Using the AMP System blueprint allows me to run my online business DOING THE THINGS I LOVE TO DO and doesn't require me to do all those unpleasant things that come with other business models.

If This is Such a Great Idea… Why Doesn’t Everyone Do It?

Actually... a LOT of people are!

Content Marketing makes up a vast majority of the activity on the Internet and it is a gigantic industry that just about anyone who can TALK and TYPE can get into.

And now with the advent of AI, this industry has just experienced a MAJOR SHIFT that makes it even easier and more powerful. With the right use of AI, content marketing and is poised to make a lot of content creators, bloggers and writers a lot of money if they take the right steps and jump in while this is hot.

But there are TWO main reasons most people who learn about this kind of profitable online business don’t succeed at it:

  1. They think it's too technical
  2. They think it will cost too much money

This way of doing business doesn't require programming or highly technical skills. Nor does it take a big investment of money.

It requires people who...

  • ...have a willingness to learn how to use a few new tools (most of them free to access)
  • ...can use a computer or laptop 
  • ...can communicate in writing (and with the use of AI, you don't need to be professional writer anymore)
  • ...want to be helpful to other people


So, the question is are YOU one of those?

If so, you have excellent potential for success. 

And now let’s find out how YOU can get set up with this kind of online business.

The AMP System is explained in my FREE 14 DAY COURSE called: HOW TO START A BLOG THAT MAKES MONEY

Here's an overview of what you will learn in my 14 Day Course:

Day 1 - All about the AMP System

Day 2 - Who your audience is and Where to find them using AI

Day 3- What your audience wants to know and what to tell them using AI

Day 4 - How your audience will find you 

Day 5 - How to let AI find your domain

Day 6 - How to get the BEST web hosting at a SUPER discount

Day 7 - Learning WordPress

Day 8 - The look of your website

Day 9 - Using AI to know what Google wants to see on your website

Day 10 - Publishing your content

Day 11 - Monetizing your website/blog

Day 12 - Getting traffic to your website/blog without advertising costs

Day 13 - Using AI to create topic maps

Day 14 - How to expand and grow your following



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PLUS BONUS SECTIONS: How to grow and capture your audience with automation and email marketing

I'm going to show you...

  • How to Find Your Audience
  • What to Blog About
  • How to Use Free Tools for Getting Traffic to Your Blog
  • How to Find the Perfect Domain for Your Website
  • How to Get Your Blog Set Up at the Click of a Mouse
  • How to Use AI to Do Much of Your Work For You
  • Where to Get Laser Targeted Traffic for Pennies
  • How to Turn Your Blog Into a Profitable, Income Generating Business

Inside my How to Start A Blog That Makes Money course, I will teach everything I've learned in my 25+ years of doing business online. And I'll break it down for you in simple step-by-step format so you'll have everything you need to set up your own blog in a 14 days.

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Did You know?...

  • The blogging industry represents one-third of the Internet
  • As a benchmark, a blogger based in the US can make up to $82,080 per year with a typical salary of $50,445 per year.
  • 77% of marketers agree that blogging gets results
  • 56% of people have bought something from a company after reading their blog
  • 31.7 million people were blogging in the US in 2020
  • Brands that have active blogs get 97% more links to their sites.

Blogging is here to stay...And AI just made it even more powerful! Are You Ready to Learn How?  

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