Credit Card Processing

Evaluating online payment processors can be tough to do. The problems is that there are too many options and configurations, it's hard to compare apples to apples.  many options to choose from. Plus many companies use different pricing models - which can be not only complex, but contain a lot of hidden fees. The good news is that his industry has comer a long way in the last decade. Fees are lower and easier to understand.  There are still a few companies that will require you to pay invoice fees, billing fees, transaction fees - sometimes based on volume, gateway fees (whatever that is) and any other fees they can justify. But thankfully, now there are more progressive and newer companies making the set up process much simpler and less expensive.

There was a day when you could expect to pay anywhere from 3% to 8% just for the transaction fees for processing credit cards online (much riskier for banks than in-person transactions.)  But recent developments in the technology, competition and better fraud protection has lowered these costs and the risks.

Some older platforms almost require you to integrate with a 3rd party shopping cart system - which adds more to your overall cost of doing business online.  And if they did offer an API, you'd need a degree in engineering to implement the code. (For starters, you'd need to know what an API is!) But newer companies now lean toward providing a simple stand alone system AND option the to connect to an existing shopping cart application if that's what is needed.

A company I like, have used for many years and that has actually been around for awhile is 2CheckOut. The setup is easy, inexpensive - and the fees are simple and match the going lower rates that are popular for online businesses these days.

In fact, 2Checkout is  now a leading global eCommerce and payment platform that allows companies to accept online and mobile payments from buyers worldwide, with localized payment options. Capabilities include a pre-integrated payments gateway, merchant account, PCI compliance, international fraud prevention, and integration with more than 100 shopping carts.

But you don't need a 3rd party shopping cart with 2CheckOut, or an API unless you want one.  Their stand alone system is easy to implement by copy/pasting simple code snippets into your website.

In business since 2000, 2Checkout supports transactions in 200+ markets through 8 payment methods, 87 currencies, and 15 languages, and is trusted by more than 10,000 merchants worldwide.

Most importantly, 2CheckOut has a very simple to use interface with transaction fees that are extremely competitive.