BlackWire Marketing, LLC was founded in January 2001 by Greg Hughes.  BlackWire represents a number of products and services in the digital marketing space from web hosting services to domain registration and management to and web design software and training. 

Greg, Hughes, Principal Manager at BlackWire also provides Internet Marketing consultation and resources through - our entrepreneurial resource center for online business owners and managers.

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Greg Hughes started marketing on the Internet in February of 1996 and has been making a living online since 2001. He has helped tens of thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs create their online presence and assisted them in setting up successful ventures on the web. Some of his clients are the now famous "gurus" you see making tens of thousands of dollars in monthly revenue online.

His expertise in the technical side of Internet Marketing comes from nearly two decades in the web hosting and web design software industry through KloudWire

In 2009, Greg authored the book The Snowball Factor and has subsequently created countless resources, articles, video training courses including the Fanbase Blueprint, The 5 Step Marketing System, Best Kept Secrets of SEO, How to Zero In On A Hungry Audience, How to Create and Sell Digital Products Online and Social Media Blueprint. As the founder of DotComClassroom, Greg provides the resources and training for assisting Internet entrepreneurs with training for creating successful businesses online.