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The courses, content and resources on this website are based on the principles found in the book The 5 Pillars of Internet Marketing, by Greg Hughes.  Since everything you need to build a successful online venture can be found in these five concepts, all the resources you find on DotComClassroom relate to these essential components: Finding Your Audience, Creating Your Message, Building Your Presence, Growing Your Following and Getting More Traffic.

Build Your Presence

Grow Your Following

Get More Traffic

How to Make a Living Online with a Simple Website


The "No Customers Needed", "No Selling Required" Online Business Model

Can you really start an online business without having to chase down customers and constantly try to sell them stuff all the time?

Savvy entrepreneurs do this everyday.  Why can't you?

Maybe you think it's too technically difficult?  You don't have enough expertise? Too expensive to get started? This course removes all the obstacles blocking you from becoming one of those who enjoy the luxury of working from home and online...including how to build a simple website quickly and monetize it for passive income.

How to Research the Market

Finding Your Audience

Whom you sell your products and services to is often more important than what you offer them.

How to Craft an Offer

Creating Your Message

There are a surprising number of ways to acquire or create irresistible products and services.

How to Capture a List of Followers

Growing Your Following

Leads become customers and customers become fans - and it all starts with capturing them in one place so you can communicate.

How to Attract a Crowd

Getting More Traffic

Once you know who your audience is, you need to know where they are and how to get them to your offer.


What's this?

Web Presence
Product Development

Learn How to be an Internet Marketing Expert

Everything you need to succeed online can be summed up in 5 concepts.


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